The North East Artist Development Network-Residency Programme

The North East Artist Development Network is inviting applications from artists of colour, disabled artists and artists who identify as LGBTQ who are creating new dance and theatre work for a paid residency as part of the Network’s programme of activities. The residencies are designed to support artists and companies at the earliest stages of developing their work, providing an opportunity to work up an idea, with the support of a venue, to the point where is it ‘commission ready’ i.e. in a position to seek funding or other support to realise the work.

Each residency offers

  • Up to £2,000 financial support
  • A week’s space for research and development
  • An opportunity to meet the programmer and other venue staff
  • Opportunity to show work at a regional scratch event
  • A presentation slot at Meet the Programmers


Applications must be submitted by email to by 10am on Mon 19 Nov 2018.
Successful applicants will be contacted by Mon 10 Dec 2018

There are two residencies available which must take place between Jan – March 2019. Each selected artist or company will be paired up with a steering group member who will support the artist to maximise the benefits of the residency, meeting them prior to and following the residency week, as well as assisting with venue liaison. The host venue will be identified in terms of best fit for the work, taking into account opportunities to see new relationships, location and access requirements.

Selection Criteria

  • Artists must be living and working in the North East region (as defined by Arts
    Council England)
  • They are interested in artists/companies making new performance work (theatre,
    dance, spoken word) for indoor presentation for family or adult audiences who
    identify as disabled, LGBTQ or artists of colour
  • The residency must support the development of a new production, ie it is not
    designed to support the final rehearsal process for a show
  • National Portfolio Organisations are not eligible to apply

Published on:
9 Nov 2018


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