The Public Address, Arcola Theatre- 2019 Writers’ Call out:

The play Stop and Search by Gabriel Gbadamosi at the Arcola Theatre opens the question of why a tactic aimed at policing drugs, violence and terrorism has grown into a flashpoint for wider, and deeper, flaws in a volatile and frightened social psyche.

The Public Address opportunity looks to answer that question. Over two nights 16 new pieces will be brought to the stage, exploring the social ramifications of the policy from creative perspectives.

From spoken word to performance art and everything in between, The Public Address gives a platform for new voices.

They are looking for at least 30 artists: playwrights, spoken word artists, cabaret performers, comedians and musicians to give them a new piece exploring the policy of Stop and Search. Whether it be about the real events, direct effects, or wider consequences and broader social implications they want to hear from broad perspectives on the policy.

Submissions must be under 10 minutes and are welcome in any genre or style and can be a script (that will be produced by their team) or a finished piece.


Sunday 20th January 2019

Published on:
30 Nov 2018


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