The Royal Literary Fund- applying for help

The Royal Literary Fund is a benevolent fund for professional published authors; it is funded exclusively by bequests and donations from writers and others who wish to help writers.

They give help to writers in many different situations where personal or professional setbacks have resulted in loss of income. They also provide pensions for older writers who have seen their earnings decrease. This work helps around 200 writers every year.

You are eligible to apply for help from the RLF if you have commercially published several works in the UK for a general readership and are suffering financial hardship.


Eligibility and scope

  • You are eligible to apply for financial assistance if you have commercially published several works.
  • Books stemming from a parallel career as an academic or practitioner are not eligible.
  • Self-published works are not counted.
  • The RLF is not able to provide loans, or grants for projects, work in progress or publication costs.

The application form requests details of all income and expenditure and applicants are requested to send copies of published work with the completed applications form. A member of staff will arrange to meet applicants at their homes to discuss their application and their circumstances.

The RLF committee must pass applicants for literary merit before they can be considered for an award. The committee meets eleven times a year to consider applications. A decision on literary merit and on the award of a grant/pension is made at the same meeting, and the applicant is informed of the result straightaway.

Published on:
28 Apr 2019


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