The Search for Blue- Earth Day scratch submissions

The Search for Blue are looking for scratch submissions to be a part of their climate conscious festival to mark Earth Day April 2020. They are looking for 8 artists, stories, plays, poems, ideas, artistic responses to the Earth and climate crisis


  •  A 10 to 15-minute scratch night script OR a one-page synopsis of your scratch idea containing the show description relevant to the scratch night theme.
  • Up to 10 minutes of evidence of past work including scripts or video (if you are providing full-length work, please specify which 10 minutes they should watch).
  • CVs or biographies of the artists involved.
  • A suggestion for environmental activism that can be practically achieved and documented e.g. picking up rubbish for 15 minutes in your neighbourhood or attending a protest march or petitioning your MP.

They offer:

  • Technical rehearsal of 1 hour in the venue.
  • Front-of-house staff provided.
  • PR and advertising support.
  • Discount tickets to other events hosted by Search for Blue in 2020.
  • A dramaturgy session scheduled minimally a month before performance.
  • A private scratch night group workshop and panel discussion to further your performance practice in conjunction with Power Play and It’s Freezing in LA!
  • Rehearsal space advice.
  • Post-show discussion.



1st February 2020 at noon

Applicants should be aware that they should be available all-day Tuesday, 21st April 2020 for tech, and performances commencing at 7:30pm on Wednesday, 22nd April 2020.

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Published on:
10 Jan 2020


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