The Tron- Labweek

LabWeek is a weeklong residency opportunity for theatre makers to play and experiment with a new idea. We will provide space and a budget to support the project to take shape, both creatively and logistically, with the expert guidance of the Tron’s team. They are looking for ideas that are exciting, contemporary and collaborative, and that are at the very beginning of their development.

LabWeek is an open brief. The most important hurdle that your project needs to clear is that whatever you are proposing must be ultimately intended for performance in front of a live audience. Applicants should also be based in Scotland.

The Labs are an opportunity for theatre makers to play with an idea that might not yet have a script, or might never have a script. In the past the Tron have hosted projects that were about melding music and text, experimenting with sound design, experimenting with the interaction of video and live performance… the room is your oyster. They are particularly interested in projects which have elements of experimentation and take a contemporary approach to their artistic enquiry.

A successful LabWeek applicant receives:

  • a five-day residency in Tron Theatre’s Changing House
  •  support to plan and staff their residency within a mutually agreed budget of no more than £3,500.



Thursday 5th January 2023, 12 noon

The next LabWeek will take place in March 2023

Published on:
13 Dec 2022
Opportunity deadline:
05 Jan 2023


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