The VAULT FIVE is a 9 month mentoring programme for early & mid-career live performance makers that aims to give you a step up in your career and help you realise your ambitions by culminating in a show at the next VAULT Festival in January 2022.

The Programme is aimed at artists & live performance makers of all disciplines who are looking to elevate their careers to the next level. The programme will be particularly beneficial to early career & mid career live performance makers who have made 2/3+ shows and are looking to expand their ambitions.

The programme is open to anyone involved in the making of live performance including writers, directors, producers, lighting/sound/set/costume designers, performers, and production/stage managers. You need to have a show or project in mind that you’d like to create and bring to the next edition of VAULT Festival.

Participants must be 18+ years of age and have the desire, availability, and means* to bring a show to VAULT Festival in 2022.

*This doesn’t mean you have to personally have the money needed to mount a production, but it does mean you will need to be willing to fundraise if you don’t.

The FIVE selected participants will each receive:
• 6 months of mentoring via monthly meet-up sessions from an experienced industry professional relevant to their creative specialism
• A performance slot option at the next VAULT Festival relevant to your performance practice.
• Monthly meet-ups with the other participants of the VAULT Five programme
• Monthly meet-ups with the VAULT Festival team including marketing, PR and arts industry support
• Membership of the VAULT FIVE Alumni group that will grow each time the programme is run
• Inclusion of your name and photo on the VAULT Festival website under the VAULT FIVE Programme.
• Announcement of your involvement in the programme and link to your blog/website on VAULT Festival social media channels

VAULT will not produce or fundraise for shows, although they will advise and guide on strategy, so it’s important that all participants acknowledge the need to be able to deliver the shows as an independent performance maker. Participants in the VAULT FIVE programme will receive a favourable financial deal for their shows at VAULT Festival.


8pm, Tuesday 11th May 2021.

Published on:
30 Apr 2021
Opportunity deadline:
11 May 2021


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