The White Pube Writers Grant funded by Creative Debuts

The White Pube Writers Grant is a one-off £500 grant to be given out to a different working class writer based in the UK once every month. This grant has been set up to support writers of all ages who are early in their careers and would benefit from this no-strings attached financial support to help them in whatever they like – be that money to cover time to write, books, web hosting, printing, subscriptions, research, development, travel, or even just money to fund life expenses and rent.

Some writers publish work on their own websites with little to no funding to encourage them; others pitch to established publications and, if they are lucky, might get paid every once in a while to write for somebody else. It is difficult to keep going and harder still to carve out the time to write, which is what writing needs, and so they hope this grant will help towards those challenges in some small way. A recipient will be chosen monthly, and this grant is open to individuals, collaborations and groups. The writing could be fiction or nonfiction, creative, criticism, whatever it is you’re working on.

The White Pube will be selecting recipients, and these will be chosen based on their ongoing research as well as anybody who would like to put themselves forward. There is no formal application process.

If you would like to get in touch, please email with a very brief introduction to yourself, contact information and of course, an example of your writing. This could be text in the body of the email itself, attached as a PDF, or a link to an external site or recording. There is no deadline as this is a monthly rolling grant, and the grant does not expect any outcomes or reporting.

Published on:
28 Oct 2020


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