The Yard- submissions open

The Yard, London, is about new ideas and voices that need to be heard. Their interests bridge the worlds of classical theatre and contemporary performance or Live Art. The Yard is a place for artists to expose stories and to tell them in a live space with an audience.

They work with all kinds of artists – writers, directors, makers, and performers, offering different platforms and opportunities. These are:

  • 1 night sharings of new ideas in Live Drafts
  • NEXT festival – a new festival for artists they think are the Next Big Thing, presenting 2 night runs in double bill
  • NOW festival- they invite 10 artists at the top of their game to perform in double bill for 5 nights
  • 2 weeks runs of work presented by companies in collaboration with The Yard
  • 3-5 week runs produced by The Yard



Script submission windows open! 

Find out how to submit your writing here.


3 December 2018





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26 Oct 2018


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