They will provide space for 2 sharings of your work over a weekend – one Friday night and one Saturday night, with access all day on Friday to “get-in” and all day on Saturday to absorb, reflect, and react to Friday’s experience so you can make a shift on Saturday.

It’s a rapid-response work-in-progress where we emphasise the shift –the change or progress the work can make– from one evening to the next. If the experience being different every night is part of the fabric of your work, then this is a great place to try things out.

The Offer

  • You will have access to our performance space 10am-10pm on Friday and Saturday to get in, work, share, respond, and share again.
  • On Friday, you will receive an induction session to the tech equipment in the space; you will need your own operator to operate tech for your sharings.
  • Ticketing and box office will be managed by Theatre Deli, however you will get 100% of the box office for your show (after Eventbrite fees have been deducted).
  • You will be given marketing support in the form of an event page on our website, social media posts, a mention in our newsletter, and programme posters throughout our space. You are responsible for signposting people to these posts and driving your own audience engagement.
  • You will have priority access to drop-in sessions with Deli creative and producing team to discuss any areas of concern and talk about the development of your project and the type of feedback that you will find useful.
  • optional: If you would like to livestream or capture your sharing for online use, we can provide a 2 camera setup and staff member at cost for: 
    • £180 – livestream/capture of 1 sharing 
    • £270 – livestream/capture of both nights OR livestream/capture of 1 sharing + edit
    • £360 – livestream/capture of both nights + edit (these optional additional prices include VAT)

If you’ve got an idea, project, experience, game, dance, show, or other piece of work or play that you are looking to explore with an audience, participants, or other outside eyes, please get in touch.

They book the space 6+ weeks in advance, so drop us a line to discuss


Monday 5th September 2022


Call out for SHIFT+SPACE 2023 | Theatre Deli

Published on:
18 Aug 2022
Opportunity deadline:
05 Sep 2022


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