Theatre Deli- DIY PROGRAMME ON ART ACTIVISM for Black creatives aged between 18-25 years old.


Theatre Deli, Broadgate, 2 Finsbury Ave, London, EC2M 2PF

Start: 16th August, 2021 at 12:00pm

End: 18th August, 2021 at 6:00pm

If you’re interested in using the arts to push boundaries, provoke change, break barriers and create an impact, then DIY is for you. Do It Yourself (DIY) is an intensive, practical programme for Black emerging artists aged 18 – 25 who want to use their artistic skills to create social change.

Activist art is a term used to describe art that is grounded in the act of ‘doing’ – Tate

… therefore, the Do It Yourself programme will equip emerging artists with effective techniques used in activism and the arts, fusing the two, so that they can actively create change themselves. As ‘activist artists’ they will create work which addresses social or political issues. Rather than describing or pointing out issues, artists will create work to directly achieve a specific goal. Participants will develop knowledge, skills, and experience through a series of workshops and an opportunity to showcase their work. Whether you are a performer, writer, stage manager, artist or designer, this programme will shed light on how you can create an impact through your craft and through collaboration with others. The Programme will be led by professional artists and activists who are currently engaged in creating social change. Through practical workshops, participants will develop techniques from traditional and modern examples of activism and theatre.

Artists will collaborate within the programme to create a piece of activist art on a social issue of their choice. Demonstrating their ability to do it themselves and creating a networking opportunity for artists, who can continue developing their work in the future.

DIY will run for three consecutive days in August 2021:

Monday 16th 12pm – 6pm

Tuesday 17th 10am – 6pm

Wednesday 18th 10am – 6pm


DIY is open to Black creatives aged between 18-25 years old.

  • Enthusiastic about engaging in socio-political work.
  • Passionate about using theatre and other art forms to create social change.
  • Experience in devising and working in a creative space
  • Willing to work and learn collaboratively with peers and professionals
  • Committed and able to attend ALL programme dates.

Published on:
27 Jul 2021


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