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Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall St, London, EC3A 4AF



Make: Your Way with Lucie Dawkins
14th July, 2-5pm

Shakespeare’s plays can feel like fossils. They come weighted down by fame, school exams, and a terrifying culture of rules about how they are ‘supposed’ to be performed. All this can suffocate our creativity.

The Shake-Up is for actors and directors who want to expand their Shakespeare skill set.

Director Lucie Dawkins will offer tools to help you take ownership of these texts as living, breathing plays which belong to you. You’ll need to learn a few lines of a soliloquy and a short scene in advance.


The Co-Lab
7th & 21st July

The Co-Lab is a space to meet and make with other practitioners. Have a project you’re stuck on? Need a bit of inspiration? The Co-Lab is the place to come and work through the kinks and rekindle the joy in a room of like-minded folks.

Each session will include a structured skills lab, free time to discuss and work through your own creative questions, and a social at the closest watering hole.

From May – July, The Co-Lab will be facilitated by theatre director & SCRUM co-lead Lucie Dawkins. Lucie will be leading a series of collaborative explorations, with a chance to learn new skills through making scratch work fast with other co-lab members. You’ll have time and space to experiment with other makers, bring challenges for discussion, and try out ideas.


Make: Your Way with LoiUs CYfer
28th July, 2-5pm

This is a workshop for makers and artists interested in creating their own drag personas (but who maybe don’t know where to start).

This fast-paced workshop looks at devising for cabaret, creating memorable characters, and queering your expectation

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5 Jul 2023


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