Theatre Deli- Resident Artists programme

Theatre Deli empowers artists. Their main focus is in supporting work that pushes boundaries by exploring the relationship between audience and performer, including non-traditional forms of theatre, immersive experiences, gaming, VR, AR and MR, live art, dance and music.

Over the past two years they’ve offered artist residencies, that include space, time, mentoring and grants to over 120 artists, collectives and companies. All Theatre Deli residencies aim to support artists at every stage of their careers, from emerging through mid-career to established. They are particularly interested in receiving applications from BAMER and LGBTQAI+ theatremakers and artists with disabilities. They also encourage applications from female led companies and artists creating new work for children and families.


7th December, 5pm.

Artist Residencies & Support 2019
The residency programme has two options:

One Week Deli Scratches Residency

Deli Scratches are an exciting new format of sharing the beginnings of fresh experimental work in a collaborative way. As part of the one week residency, five artists or companies will develop their work in shared spaces at the Old Library in Burgess Park. The residency provides:

  • collaboration and networking with other artists
  • 10 to 20 minute sharing of your work in front of a welcoming audience.
  • mentoring sessions with Theatre Deli’s Producer – pre, during and an evaluation session to soundboard and feedback about your work
  • expenses grant of £50 per company/artist
  • collated audience feedback. Deli Scratches shows receive an average of 85% completed audience feedback forms that provide a valuable resource for future development

Two Week ‘A la Carte’ Residency

In this new format of Artistic Residencies, the artists and companies will be able to choose from an A la Carte menu that will benefit their work and practice in the best way. All residencies will include mentoring sessions with Theatre Deli’s Producer and a£300 seed funding towards the development of a new project. In addition to this, you will be able to choose from the following options:

  • two consecutive weeks of fully subsided rehearsal space OR splitting the subsided rehearsal space into another format (ie – one week rehearsal, followed by a break, and then another week).
  • a facilitated sharing of the work at the end of the residency OR the choice to keep the work private at its current stage.
  • the choice of attending a surgery session with a theatre practitioner or organisation relevant to your project. Theatre Deli have created partnerships with leading theatremakers and organisations, so you will have the opportunity to meet an expert in your field of research.

Theatre Deli are also excited to announce two new initiatives that will support the long term development of work, alongside the ongoing residency programme. These will usually be offered to artists who have completed either the Scratch or two week residencies:

First Sight – will offer selected companies that have completed a residency the chance of a supported three night preview at Theatre Deli’s central London theatre
Deli Commissions – each year they will be commissioning new work from artists who show outstanding talent, with a focus in 2019 on artists who are BAMER and LGBTQAI+


Published on:
12 Nov 2018


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