Theatre In The Pound is a not-for-profit night, designed for individuals or groups of theatre practitioners to showcase new work in the main house of The Cockpit. Pieces can be any length of time, up to fifteen minutes. Each piece is followed a by a short feedback discussion with the audience, to help companies develop the work. You can apply for a small deposit- to hire the space, each company pays £15 (plus £1 per head on the night) The Cockpit give you a 45 minute tech with stage manager and technician and then 15 minutes on stage (or less if you like)

The Cockpit have made Theatre In The Pound part of their Theatre Maker programme you become eligible for cheaper studio hires and Theatre Maker classes as well as further possible opportunities to present your work.

Programming policy
Theatre in the Pound is about enabling work – or even the seed of an idea – to be seen, when the cost of hiring an entire venue is as such that regular showcasing or experimenting in a professional context is financially difficult for most people.
They’re particularly interested in the work of dedicated new directors and new kinds of theatrical writing and devising but we’ll only turn something down if it’s illegal, breaches our licence, is totally inappropriate for the space or if we’ve run out of slots.
The only ‘rules’ are:
1) It must be no longer than 15 minutes.
2) It must be legal (IE No copyright infringements, incitement to hatred, or anything else that threatens their licence).
3) It must be theatrically interesting (IE No stand-up, bands or jugglers)

Upcoming 2019 Season dates


March 18th 2019
April 22nd 2019
May 20th 2019
June 17th 2019
July 15th 2019

Published on:
15 Mar 2019


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