Theatre on Tap- Old Red Lion London

On June 16, three teams of writers, directors, and performers will create three all new pieces of theatre…all designed for the Old Red Lion’s pub.

The clock starts when the writers walk into the pub on the 16th. When the pub closes that night, the actors and directors will get their final scripts, each fifteen to twenty minutes long, and they’ll have from when the pub opens up that morning until show time to make something amazing and perform it for you.

Theatre on Tap is the launch event for Part of the Night, a new theatre company on a mission to make the nightlife scene safer, more exciting, and more inviting to women, trans, and non-binary individuals. Starting with the Old Red Lion, they’ll be filling pubs and clubs across the UK with something that brings everyone together: really good stories.

Part of the Night was founded by Olivia Munk and Jessica Bickel-Barlow, who have collaborated on female-led theatre through their company Part of the Main since 2017. Their four-star 2018 Edinburgh Fringe production, The Squirrel Plays by Mia McCullough, explored the American reproductive rights debate through the metaphor of a squirrel infestation.

Together with artists and audiences, Munk and Bickel-Barlow are on a mission to make everyone feel like a part of the night.


Monday 17th June 2019 @ 6.45pm & 9.00pm

Doors open for the 6.45pm performance at 5.00pm

Doors open for the 9.00pm performance at 8.15pm



Published on:
30 May 2019


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