Theatre503 International Playwriting Award Opens Submissions 1st June!


2023: A Woman Walks Into A Bank by Roxy Cook

2020: Moreno by Pravin Wilkins

2018: Out of Sorts by Danusia Samal

2016: In Event of Moone Disaster by Andrew Thompson

2014: And Then Come The Nightjars by Bea Roberts & Valhalla by Paul Murphy (Joint Winners)

The Theatre503 International Playwriting Award is made possible by the generous support of Philip and Chris Carne and Samuel French Ltd., a Concord Theatricals Company.

Award Timeline

There will be 3 rounds of reading and whilst we are unable to give exact dates for each round we are happy to offer the following as a rough guide.

Round 1 – June – Oct 2024

Round 2 – Oct 2024 – Jan 2025

Round 3 – Jan – March 2025

If this process is delayed all writers will be notified by email.

Writers will also be notified at each stage of the proceedings and we will publish long-listed and shortlisted play titles.

If you have any questions, please email

To find out more and apply, visit Theatre503 | 2024/25 International Playwriting Award

Published on:
14 May 2024


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