Tobacco Factory Bristol Artists residencies

The Tobacco Factory are offering Bristol and South West-based artists residency time in our Spielman Theatre to develop ideas for a brand new piece of work. They will offer four to six residencies in 2020 comprising of one or two weeks of studio time each, depending on the needs of the process.
The focus of the residencies is on the exploration and incubation of new ideas. There isn’t pressure for the artists to present something at the end of their residency, unless doing so will support their process.


Mon 02 DECEMBER, 5pm

They will be making selections based on:

  • The work you do
  • What you would like to achieve
  • What barriers you face when trying to develop a new idea
  • How much impact they can have on your process
  • How in line your work is with our programme

Artist Residencies

Published on:
25 Nov 2019


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