TONIGHT- MIF Festival in My House

Acclaimed poet Hafsah Bashir is a Poetry Fellow at Jerwood Arts , Associateat the Oldham Coliseum and a Royal Exchange Theatre Supported Artist 

Every day at 2.30pm, acclaimed Manchester-based poet Hafsah Aneela Bashir connects with the world with a live reading on Instagram sharing poetry and short stories.

Now, especially for MIF Live, she’s joining forces with Kansas-based poet Aisha Sharif for a transatlantic reading and conversation covering poetry, panaceas, power and the pandemic, over here and over there. Join on Wednesday 27 May for new poetic perspectives on the pandemic. Inspired by our Festival in My House series, Manchester International Festival are inviting Manchester artists to create their own micro-international festivals at home, then stream them for us during the lockdown, live and for free.




Published on:
27 May 2020


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