Triforce WriterSlam- Win a PAID development commission with Audible

Through the WriterSlam, Audible is looking to provide fresh, diverse talent an opportunity to share and develop their untold stories in the form of audio drama with help from industry experts. They’re looking for ambitious and transformational stories that celebrate the medium of audio and spotlight themes of diversity and inclusion. Beyond a great story they look for global appeal with a foot in the UK, series with the potential to return for multiple seasons, and worlds and characters that will inspire.

The winning writer will be selected by Audible. Following their win, they receive a paid development commission and will work with the Audible commissioning team to develop a treatment and a one hour pilot episode, with the potential for Audible to green light the series.


Please share 

  • A short synopsis of your series idea (no more than 200 words). This should include what genre your idea is (Fantasy, Crime etc…), whether you think it will be half hour or one hour episodes, and an outline of what would happen over the first series.
  • 10-15 pages of an episode of the series. This does not have to be the first episode, but it can be.


  • There must be a maximum of 6 speaking characters in the script extract you submit. There can be further characters that appear in the episode or series later on.
  • Open to individuals in the United Kingdom each of whom are at least 18 years of age.
  • Multiple entries from the same person are not permitted.
  • Entries that are longer than 15 pages and do not follow the guidelines available at, will be excluded.



11.59pm on Sunday 22 March 2020.

Up to 20 submissions will be shortlisted by the TCN
Audible will select 5 submissions as finalists.
The 5 finalists will be invited to a writer’s workshop on Saturday 02 May 2020 in London. These 5 writers will receive in-depth advice and expertise from an industry Script Editor. Writers will then be asked to implement the notes from this session in a new draft of their extract.
The 5 finalists will have their extracts performed at the WriterSlam event on Thursday 14 May in London.
Audible will select a winner.


Published on:
10 Mar 2020


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