UEA New Forms Award

Does your fiction communicate story in new and innovative ways?

The UEA New Forms Award seeks fiction that explores the boundaries of possibility. They are seeking fiction writers at the beginning of their careers whose work does some of the following:

  • Collaborate with other art-forms or in site specific/site responsive ways
  • Experiment with forms of performance or print
  • Challenge traditional form or experiment with theme, style, voice, structure or language
  • Inhabit a digital space through online collaboration, gaming, virtual or augmented realities or other virtual ecologies

One winning writer will receive:

  • A prize of £4,000
  • A bespoke period of development, which may include mentoring, learning opportunities and promotional platform, depending on the writer’s ambition and need

Eligibility requirements

  • The Prize is free to enter and open to all writers who:
    • Live in England at time of application and until at least June 2021
    • Are over the age of 18
    • Have not published a debut novel or full short story collection
    • Is not currently under contract to be published

All submissions must include:

  • A sample of work of up to 2,000 words demonstrating your talent and potential, which best illustrates your response to the Award.
  • A supporting statement of up to 250 words describing:
  • Your writing experience and achievements, including any publications and prizes
  • Why support is crucial at this point in your career and what kind of support would be most helpful to you
  • A description of your current writing project



Friday 17 January 2020




Published on:
8 Jan 2020


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