Unity Theatre reopening- free space for artists

From the week of the 31st August The Unity Theatre Liverpool will be open and available for artists and creatives to apply for free rehearsal and development space between September and December. This pilot project will form part of a new programme of work to be announced mid-September for their 40th anniversary, expanding othe current artist opportunity and talent development programme to equip local artists for a sustainable future.

As we slowly begin moving back into our building, they would also like to renew their commitment to online working with the launch of UnityOnline. Compiling all the work we  done throughout lockdown, plus additional programming, UnityOnline will be a central hub for artists and audiences to engage with the Unity’s work. Following the success of the No One Way series, they will continue to run this programme online, allow audiences to watch back through past events and provide resource packs and opportunities cited by guest-speakers. UnityOnline will also be home to business skills sessions, guest-workshops and streamed theatre productions from partners. The hub will launch mid-August.


What can the space be used for?

The space can be used for free by a maximum of 10 people, for up to a five-day period for the following activities:

  • Rehearsal
  • Workshops
  • Auditions
  • Script Development
  • Company Catch-ups

They will then respond to you request with further information and confirmation, subject to availability. They are anticipating high demand for space provide as much information as possible to help them allocate the space. Please request space at least 2 weeks before you require it so they can give you the best opportunity to receive our support.




Published on:
5 Aug 2020


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