Upstart Theatre- Twine for Theatre Makers

A 2-hour practical workshop for theatremakers, exploring the popular text-adventure software Twine.

This practical workshop gets you making your own digital games using the popular text-adventure software Twine. You can use the software to create games for audiences to play online, or to power the narrative for choice-based interactive theatre. This workshop will teach you how to make a digital game for online play, including:

  • Getting a swift and clear introduction to the software
  • Making a short Twine game from scratch
  • Learning how to enhance Twine games with visuals, sound and other tools
  • Exploring how to use Twine’s basic functions to create various player experiences

Facilitator Chloe Mashiter is a theatre- and game-maker, specialising in game-based performance that draws from tabletop role-play, larp, and megagame design. Their recent work as a game designer includes The House of Cenci by Parabolic Theatre, Republic by Upstart Theatre, and The Incognito Society by Coney, where Chloe is also an associate artist.

Their wider work as a performer, deviser and writer includes interactive show Crisis, What Crisis? by Parabolic Theatre, pervasive street games Jekyll/Hyde and The Hunted Experience by Fire Hazard Games, and megagame Bring Them Home by Treehouse.

Chloe also publishes tabletop roleplaying games as roll/flip/draw and created the audio game The Last Thing Left whilst Resident Digital Artist at Headlong.

Published on:
25 Oct 2021


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