WEST MIDLANDS- Pitch Perfect – submit ideas for radio and TV

Theatre-makers, musicians, artists, writers and cultural organisations based in the West Midlands are invited to  submit an idea for a TV or radio project for the chance to be part of a training and development scheme that offers access to:

  • Industry insiders from The Space who will champion your idea to TV and radio channels
  • Training sessions with TV and radio leaders
  • One-to-one sessions with producers, script editors and local independent production companies that can help make your idea broadcast-ready
  • Access to written resources to help you hone your pitch
  • Contributions to funding if your idea is picked up by a broadcaster during the scheme.

You can apply as an individual artist/creative or as a cultural organisation. You must currently be based in the West Midlands.



5pm on Thursday 15 September 2022. 

Pitch Perfect has four stages. Everyone who applies will be invited to at least one exclusive training event. Everyone who applies will be invited to a special webinar with TV and radio leaders who specialise in arts content and will discuss what makes a good broadcast pitch.


Published on:
5 Sep 2022
Opportunity deadline:
15 Sep 2022


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