Women in Lockdown- Popelei seed commissions

Popelei invite you to write and send in a new short monologue (maximum 4 minutes) for a female character who has had some kind of restriction placed on her liberty. Her freedom could be restricted physically, psychologically, emotionally, sexually or anything you can imagine. Her locks and bolts could be very overt or they could be subtle. Her story could take place in the past, the future or the present. ​

She is not a victim, she is someone who has found her own way of operating and communicating in a restricted world – be that quietly or loudly. ​

They will select 25 pieces and pay £100 for each chosen monologue. They will cast 25 actors to self-tape each monologue. The result will be shared online by Popelei, bringing new stories to life digitally and allowing the public to view new work for free. ​

The commission is focused on female characters rather than writers and they welcome submissions from writers of all genders. They also welcome writers of any level of experience.​


5pm on 10th April 2020 


Published on:
7 Apr 2020


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