Women Writes Festival seeking shorts for performance at the Arcola

The first Women’s Writes Festival will take place at The Arcola Theatre on Sunday 29th September. Women’s Writes is a festival of new writing showcasing female voices. The aim of the evening is to promote female identifying playwrights and stories with female driven narrative.
  • They are looking for plays about complex, intricate female characters who don’t stick to any of those boring archetypal forms. Women who are intelligent, courageous, fallible and complex.
  • Your piece will be female driven narrative, although characters of all genders are welcomed.
  • You can submit either a 10 minute extract from a larger piece of work or a 10 minute short play.
  • Please keep in mind that there will be no set or props provided, so keep things simple. Best to stick to the bare minimum of props, or to things the directors/actors can easily source themselves. It’s best also to stick to casts of fewer than three/four.
  • There will be a basic tech set up for minimal sound and lighting but each play will only have a short slot to tech their play – so don’t give them anything too fancy to deal with. Stick to basic lighting and sound.

How to submit

Send your 10 minute play or 10 minute extract over to; womenswritesfest@gmail.com along with a brief (less than 100 word) synopsis and a little bit of information about you!



24 August 2019 


Published on:
17 Jul 2019


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