WOULD LIKE TO MEET is a week-long exchange for artists who are generations apart but interested in bringing their practices together. Hosted and supported by Quarantine, this residency invites pairs of artists with a minimum of a twenty-year age gap to come together to spend a week framed by the provocation ‘what questions do you have for each other?’

The residency is aimed at facilitating intergenerational collaborations between artists who have not had the opportunity to work together before. Artists are invited to apply together and to spend the week exploring an area of shared interest, framed by the notion of asking each other questions.

The residencies are self-directed, but Quarantine will offer starting points and provocations as needed as well as being available for advice and conversations. How you spend the time is up to you – it might be a practical testing of an idea in a studio; a week-long conversation in different places around the city; a week spent in a library to explore something you’re both curious about; or anything else you can imagine…

Artists can be working in any art-form but should have a live element to their practice and feel that their work is resonant with the type of input that Quarantine might be able to offer. The focus is on process and open exploration – there’s no expectation that you’ll produce something tangible by the end of the week (though you can if you want to, of course).

To foster a culture of sharing learning, at the end of the residency we’ll ask each pair of artists to do a short ‘talking heads’ video (or equivalent) that gives others an insight into your practices, the ideas you’ve been playing with, and the questions you’ve been left with.


  • They can support three pairs of artists in total.
  • Artists must be within commuting distance of Manchester, and they are particularly interested in supporting artists who are based in Manchester.
  • Residencies will take place between 21 November and 11 December 2022


  • A fee of £750 per artist (£1500 per pair)
  • A budget of £500 (per pair) that you can spend in whatever way you think will be useful or nourishing for your time together – to test something out, to visit somewhere that will feed your practice, to bring other expert voices into your process…
  • Travel costs (within reasonable commuting distance of Manchester)
  • A shared meal that brings all the artists and the Quarantine team together
  • Everything they can – within reason – to make your residency happen in the way you’d like it to



midnight on Monday 26th September.



Published on:
16 Sep 2022
Opportunity deadline:
26 Sep 2022


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