WrAP is back for 2021! Write a play in January!

The London Playwrights Blog are really excited to announce that WrAP (or, Write A Play) is back for 2021! For the 4th year running, they’ll be challenging you to write a first draft of a play in January, whilst providing all the prompts you need to get you going – direct to your inbox!

You don’t need to have an idea in mind to take part (but you absolutely can build on an existing idea if you want to) and there is no prep required – just sign up before 1st January 2020 to receive the writing prompts.

This year, they’ll also be including some useful tips on writing for audio and for online performances – so whether you want to write a play for stage, radio, Zoom or TV, WrAP is for you!

Throughout the entire month of January, we provide prompts, exercises, mini online workshops, and inspiration to support you in writing a whole draft of a play from start to finish. All of this is sent directly to your inbox to challenge you and spur you on.

If you want to take part, you’ll need to be a London Playwrights’ member, which takes just a couple of minutes to do and costs as little as £3.63 (and by doing so, you’ll have access to lots of other member benefits including online courses, plus you’ll be helping to support the next generation of playwrights – find out more here). Membership fee covers LPB costs – from creating new resources to putting the Weekly Opportunities Round-up together.


#WrAP is back for 2021! Write a play in January!

Published on:
11 Nov 2020


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