Writer’s HQ- free sponsored opportunities

When you apply you can ask for access to a particular course, membership (in six month chunks), a place on one of the Writers’ HQ retreats, or a critique of your writing.

All you need to do is answer a handful of questions and submit 2,000 words of your writing and a short personal statement.



Round 3

Application deadline 31 Aug 2019

Round 4

Application deadline 30 Nov 2019


Who can apply?

They  prioritise the following:

  • People who are physically disabled in some way
  • People who are neurodivergent or have a mental illness
  • People from a minority or persecuted community
  • People living in a low income household (typically defined as a household earning under £15,000) and/or in receipt of social security
  • People with a criminal record
  • People who are the primary carer for another human with high needs
  • People who have just had enough of all the bullshit and just really need to write some kickass stories.

How many sponsorships are there?

Ah. That depends on donations. Some periods there might be three, some there might be thirty.



Published on:
25 Jun 2019


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