‘Writing Your Own Monologue’ with Lily Bevan

A fun weekend workshop designed to help you create a unique monologue for performance. Dec 5&6 4-6pm. Run by Lily Bevan (BBC Radio 4)

Are you an actor or writer (or anyone else who fancies it) who’d like to write your very own brand new dramatic or comedic monologue (that could suit you to perform if that’s your thing)? Experience not necessary. Weird and wonderful welcome.

These monologues could be useful for your auditions, showcases or writing samples.

Split over two evenings the same small group will have two two-hour sessions, and some homework, culminating in a group sharing of new monologues. (The group size is very limited to ensure everyone has focused feedback.) From how to find unusual characters and points of view, through story, transitions, tone, jokes, starts and endings and delivery this workshop will unlock your special inner voices. But not in a scary way. We will create characters which suit you and are engaging and distinct.

The goal of the workshop is to create a new monologue, to be part of a positive group creative process and to gain tools to carry on writing.


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Event dates:
12 May 2020 -
12 Jun 2020


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