Year 5 of Tamasha Playwrights

Tamasha Playwrights is a writer-led collective of emerging playwrights from diverse cultural backgrounds. Writers meet for weekly sessions in Tamasha’s office from October to July.

The content of these sessions is determined by the participants, and can include workshops on any aspect of playwriting; self-producing; fundraising; teaching; writing for radio; visiting industry speakers; and more.

Founded by Artistic Director Fin Kennedy in 2014, the aims of Tamasha Playwrights are:

  • to offer long-term career development in a supportive environment to emerging playwrights from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • to train playwrights as producers, fundraisers, workshop leaders and project managers, as well as offering craft-based session on playwriting itself.
  • to support and encourage members to be the creative leads on their own project ideas, and to empower them to make a living as artists in between play commissions.
  • to offer regular showcase opportunities to promote the writers to the wider theatre industry.

Attendance is free and applications are open to writers from all cultural backgrounds.



Friday 28 September 2018, 12pm


For more information and to apply please go to



Published on:
3 Sep 2018


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