Yellow Earth- Digital Theatre Commission- Deadline extended to 5pm- 7th May

In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese Arts Now (CAN) and Yellow Earth Theatre are accepting applications from artists who identify as having Chinese cultural heritage and/or who make work that incorporates contemporary Chinese perspectives for support to develop a new digital commission.

This commission is offered during the time of the COVID-19 outbreak as an opportunity for artists to make work within the confines of our current lived context. It can be a response to the virus, or respond to other themes and ideas. These commissions will be shared digitally via online platforms supported by Yellow Earth Theatre and CAN with the opportunity to be showcased as part of the CAN festival in February 2021.

The commissioning programme encourages work that allows audiences and participants to watch, listen or participate with their device remotely. The work can be presented through websites, social media, live streaming, podcasts, apps, or any other online/ remote platform. It can include elements of performing arts, literature, visual and any other cross-art and inter-disciplinary art form. It can be as simple as a series of tweets, or an ambitious large scale work that spans platforms and time. We are looking for work that responds well to the chosen digital platform, that has quality content and a clear process behind it. For this commission, we are looking for proposals to have a “theatre” element, which can be interpreted by the applicant as they wish.

The commissioning programme will provide:

● Administrative, producing, production and marketing support from the Yellow Earth Theatre and CAN teams
● Budget of up to £4,000 for research, materials and production of the work
● Fundraising support to identify and apply for additional funding (if necessary)
● An online showcasing opportunity for the work to connect with CAN and Yellow Earth Theatre networks and audiences
● An opportunity to showcase as part of the CAN Festival in 2021 in its digital programme

Eligibility Criteria:

● Artists must be living and making work in the UK
● Artists who identify as having Chinese cultural heritage and/or who make work that incorporates contemporary Chinese elements/perspectives
● Applications will be favoured from artists able to realise digital projects in an innovative and creative way


Successful awardee notified: Tuesday 5 May 2020
Showcase as part of CAN Festival: February 2021

Published on:
1 May 2020


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