To everyone who has entered their work for the 2017 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting

Congratulations to each and every one of you.

 You have completed a script and sent it out into the world to be experienced by other people.

 Whatever happens next, that is a fantastic achievement.  Lots of people talk about ideas they have and plays they’re going to write.  You have done it.  You have made it to the end of this story. 

 Not only that, you have offered it and shared it with strangers.

 Everyone who reads for the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting is acutely aware of the hard work, time and dedication it takes to not only have an idea but commit that idea to paper, to think about how it might live on stage, to consider the characters and their lives and emotions, to ambitiously think about why this story has to be told now through the live medium of theatre and why this story needs to be shared with not only one imagination but thousands.

 Many of the previous winners of the Bruntwood Prize go on to read scripts for us – they have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to enter.

 Other readers are directors, many of whom have gone on to forge relationships with playwrights through the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting.

 We also have quite a few actors who read for the Prize – they know how important your words are and think carefully about how they inhabit the worlds you have crafted.

 I hope you can all feel a sense of achievement at the feat of completing the play and sending it in.  We all have the utmost respect for you, for your imagination, for your vision and for your dedication.

 We will continue to advertise other opportunities for playwrights on the website – so please do check back regularly.

 And we will announce the Longlist of Top 100 Plays on the website on Wednesday 27th September.

 Thank you for your work – it’s now over to us!


Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting


Published on:
5 Jun 2017


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  1. This is a great statement of encouragement. Well done.

    by John Maguire
    9:31 pm, 5 Jun 2017
  2. Thank you for being so helpful when people had last-minute submission problems. Great that you were prepared to take submissions by email and call to confirm they’d been entered. Really appreciate it.

    by Kate W
    10:28 pm, 5 Jun 2017
  3. Thanks to Bruntwood for helping me with my submission error. They really bend over backwards to help you. Not all competition organisers do. A thousand thanks.

    by Tom Orchard
    10:42 am, 8 Jun 2017
  4. Yes many thanks! Though most of us know we won’t get long-listed, it’s great to get credit at least for being a sentient human being who took some trouble! (Often as a slush-pile writer, as former slush-pilers will remember, you’re made intentionally or unintentionally to feel beneath contempt!)
    As matter of interest how many of us are there?

    by Sarah
    1:17 pm, 5 Jul 2017
  5. Your words of encouragement are truly inspiring, thank you! It’s felt like everyone I’ve been in touch with regarding the project have not taken me seriously in the slightest, and reading this has reminded me that having persevered this far is an achievement in itself. Many thanks – I can’t wait for the short list in 3 weeks and good luck to everyone who entered!

    by Mia
    9:15 am, 6 Sep 2017