What happens when you submit your script to a Literary Department? What does a Literary Manager do? What’s the difference between a New Work Associate and a Dramaturg?

In this brand new video series from London Playwrights Blog, Kimberley Andrews interviews Literary Managers, Dramaturgs and New Work Associates from theatres across the UK to find out more about how Literary Departments work, how relationships with writers are formed, and to get some advice for playwrights who want to submit their work.

In this first Episode, Kimberley talks to Stewart Pringle, Dramaturg from from the National Theatre. Next up: Royal Exchange Theatre (and Bruntwood Prize) Dramaturg Suzanne Bell!


Watch here:


HOST: Kimberley Andrews
GUEST: Stewart Pringle
Producer: Jane Ryan
Twitter: @LDNPlaywrights
Instagram: londonplaywrights
Facebook: London Playwrights
Published on:
11 Nov 2021


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