The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting LONGLIST 2019

2019 Bruntwood Prize Longlist Announced.
Reaching the longlist

This year we received a staggering 2,561 submissions to the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting – 35 per cent more than ever before. Since then the plays have been through a rigorous reading process to make it to the longlist, which we’re delighted to announce below.

Remember, if you’ve been successful it’s vital that anonymity is maintained throughout the judging process. If you see your title below do feel free to celebrate, but please don’t reveal the title of your script as this would break the anonymity and put your play at risk.

All of the plays submitted to the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting are subjected to the same reading process. We’re proud of how this process of anonymity and a varied panel of readers enables us to level the playing field for new writers to compete alongside already established playwrights. Our dedicated team of readers are experienced in reading scripts for the stage and the group is made up of directors, dramaturgs, previous winners of The Bruntwood Prize, producers, literary agents, other theatre practitioners and artistic staff at the Royal Exchange Theatre.

You can find out more about the readers, their responsibilities, and their dedication to choosing the winning play over on our blog series.


Categories and prizes

For 2019 the Bruntwood Prize categories have evolved and the Judges will award:

  • The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting-a first prize of £16,000
  • A Judges’ Awards of £8,000
  • An Original New Voice Award of £8,000- available to playwrights who have not had full-length play professionally produced for 12 performances or more in a professional venue. All scripts entered by these playwrights are also eligible for the Bruntwood Prize and Judges Award.
  • An International Award of £8,000- open to international playwrights invited to anonymously apply via our named international partners: The BANFF Centre in Canada; Belvoir Theatre and Melbourne Theatre Company in Australia; Berkeley Rep and Playwrights Horizons in the USA.

Fifteen scripts will make the shortlist this year (five shortlisted for the International Award, as well as the usual ten for the UK awards) so the Longlist has been increased to 115 plays.

Of this 115, 56 per cent are eligible for the Original New Voice Award, and 15 per cent for the International Award.


The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting 2019 Longlist


14% – Razorke

A Canal Across A Park– Mavis Maguire

A Partnership: A Tragi-Comedy For Two Men– Artemis Ford

After The Peace– V J Epsom

AKEDAH– Sarah laughed to herself

And I Dreamt I was Drowning– Jade Cain

And It Rains– Fanny Tickler

Ballybaile– Rosaleen O’Brien

Bare Bones– Victoria M

Bare Girl– Tammy Roberts

Beautiful Autumn– J Lin

BITS– Sara Aria

black bird– black bird

Bones– Constance Gamble

Boys Build Forts– Rose Joes

CALVARY– Ekemma Adeyemi

Chekhov Got His Gun– TD

Chicken Burger N Chips– Daniel Mac



Cottontail– Wallace Gromit

Dad– Joni Wren

D’Annunzio– Eleanora Brevis


Death Metal Band– Britney Spears

ECHOES– Play Wright

FEEDING THE DOGS– Victor Jobanputra

FLEX– Toyota Tercella Red

Fragments– Oscar Kilo

Glass– Pepperjack

Glee & Me– Wham TakaTaka

Golden Boy– Liam Ridley

Hares– Charlotte Webb

Here Are Our Monsters– Flip N. Queer

How To Start A Knife Gang– Louie Miro

If Greenland Fell– Kurt-Vivian Delaney

In My Bones– Doc Petersen

In The Time of the Volcano– Ogred Weary

Integrity– Luke Roberts

Island People– Pearl Cortez

Jesus in Manhattan– Joan Brown

Just Stay– Nathalie Traganza

LET IT LIE– AJ Phoenix

Like I Care– Mary Wollstonecraft

LOOKING UP– Tweety73

Lovesick and Twisted– Kelly Dunbar

Maggie & Maire– Eustace Amadán

Masc– Gary Mabbutt

Me Myself I– C Michel

Me.– Oscar Lilman

Mobility– Katie Morag

Model Minority -Betsy Chee

My Brother’s Keeper– Susanna Dean

My Favourite Place In The Whole Wide World– Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Neptune– Genly Ai

Never Not Saying Exactly What You Mean– Lew Archer

Our Name is Not John– SmE

Out of Mind– Tebazile Retep

Park-e Laleh– Jalal Balkhi

Pavlov’s Dogs– Emily Roy


Picked Clean– Foyer Brigade

Pretty Girls– Jay Keddie

RAT KING– Yitzi Ben

Remember The Future– StillCrazy


Salamander– Honoria Dickens

SANDS– Mari King

Savage -Briony Connor

Set you free– Nina Yorke

Shame Circle– Wes Koo

SHED: EXPLODED VIEW – Cornelia Parker

Single Ticket– ButtonMoon

SNOW DAY– Pip Brown

Soothe– Michael Fox

Stall– Jamie Carter

Staying at Stacey’s– Stella Artois

Stop Motion– Billiam Shakerson

Subject to Change– Brylcreemer

SUNSHINE– Felicity Flim-Flam

T&B– Boo Boo The Foo

Tahara– KV Mason

The 8th Day– Grace

the aves– pudding

The Bees Are All Dead– TK Laughton

The Boy with the Bee Jar– Jack Redman


The Devil’s In The Chair– Niall Rooney

The European Hare– Tortellini De Beaumarchais

The Family Unit– Rose Lawson

The Grove– Nieh’s Daughter

The Home Front– Keith Wrass

The Jackanooni– Scarlett Gallimore

The King Is Dead– Bryony Noble

The Monsters– Clare Quilty

The Morgue of Dogs– Llewelyn Blocquet

The New Voice of Home– Laoynette Henry


The True History of Susanna Shakespeare– Parker Gratwick

This is my Verse. This is my Song.– Jo Casey

This is Where We Were Now– Tyrone Power

This Land Was Made – Sonnet Alexander

Tinsel & Turkey– Sheila Gregory


untitled– Furtive Bird

Virtue– Sol Wythens

Warchild– Ladybugs

What Does It Take To Slay A Dragon?– Saint George


Wilt– Florence Mortimer

WINGS– Cryptogran

Winter Came– Hillary Britain

Woodpecker No1– X.Y.Z.

Yellow Bird– Marion Winks

You didn’t know you were thirsty until you started to drink– blrfitzhugh


Congratulations to all participants, including those who haven’t made it to the longlist this year- it’s been an especially difficult year to narrow down submissions. We have huge respect and admiration for every single writer who has taken the time to tell their story, and who has been brave enough to share their work with us.


Next steps

Please remember, if you are in the longlist your play is also currently up for further reading and discussion for the shortlist of top fifteen plays. Please don’t throw away your anonymity.

  • We will be in touch with the shortlist via telephone TODAY- SEPTEMBER 12TH
  • The Judges will now receive the shortlist of 15 plays and will meet on OCTOBER 11TH to deliberate.
  • These shortlisted playwrights will not be announced until OCTOBER 14TH to allow for the last stage of the judging process to take place.
  • We will be in touch with all longlisted entrants via the email address supplied on submitting your script within 2019. The script report will include responses, feedback and suggested directions and questions for a new draft of your script. These script reports are put together by a new phase of readers, with access to the comments of all previous readers. We’ll also provide a digital badge for your own marketing and seek to introduce you to any readers who would like to discuss your play further.
  • As the Royal Exchange Theatre is based in Manchester, we will also be in touch to meet any writers based in the North West.
  • We don’t have the capacity to enter into any correspondence about where your script reached in the reading process, or provide script reports to those not in the longlist.
Published on:
4 Nov 2019


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  1. Congratulations to everyone who made the longlist – and good luck with the next phase!

    As for the rest of us – I’d imagine most people who dream about writing a play never put pen to paper

    Of those who do, I imagine most never complete a draft.

    Of those who complete a draft, I imagine most never have the nerve to share it.

    If the play you’ve submitted is a story you HAVE to tell, please don’t give up!

    If it’s not – write one that is . . .

    by Ed Barrett
    10:36 am, 12 Sep 2019
  2. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to make the list, will there be any indication as to how far we got in the readings? Although it may be painful, it might help to know that we’re still in with a chance of being successful at some point.

    And is there any particular genre that stood more of a chance than others, when looking at what actually made the list? Like if someone writes comedy plays, are they always at a disadvantage compared with more serious drama for instance?

    by Neil D
    3:50 pm, 12 Sep 2019
    1. I’m really sorry, as I do understand why you might want info on what stage your play got to, but I’m afraid it’s not something we are able to offer. All feedback is only ever provided via the full Royal Exchange Theatre script report format, and as of yet we don’t have the budget or capacity to offer this to all entrants.

      I should say that writing a full play, and submitting it for others to read is a great success. Please don’t be disheartened if you are not on this list, as we mentioned above the readers fed back that this years scripts were of a very high quality. Please keep redrafting, and submit your work to other opportunities.

      Regarding your question on genre- it’s not really a concern of the readers. We’ve certainly seen a very broad range of forms of the theatre in the longlist, and shortlist.

      Thank you

      Chloe Smith
      Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator

      by Chloe Smith
      3:57 pm, 12 Sep 2019
  3. So just to clarify: if you are on the longlist but DIDN’T receive a phonecall yesterday it means you haven’t made the shortlist? Bit of a mixture of good and bad news all at once!

    by NT
    4:37 pm, 13 Sep 2019
    1. Yes- it’s a big day!

      We have contacted all of the shortlisted writers now. I’ll be in touch with all of the longlist in early December, with a full script report of your submission, Bruntwood Prize 2019 digital branding, and invites to meet us either here at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester if you are based in the North West, or your local producing theatre elsewhere. I do also introduce producer and directors who have read your work and are interested in meeting you to discuss it further.

      Looking forward to finding out who everyone is!

      Thank you

      Chloe Smith
      Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator

      by Chloe Smith
      4:43 pm, 13 Sep 2019
  4. Hello! So now the shortlist has been informed, can those longlisted but not shortlisted talk about it? And if not, will the longlist be published with actual names at some point? Just wondering as I think it says online that the shortlist will be published with names but doesn’t mention the longlist. I could be wrong. Thanks!

    by MA
    9:50 pm, 13 Sep 2019
    1. Hi

      In the past, we have considered this but as anonymity is at the heart of the Bruntwood Prize, we feel it’s important that revealing their identity is in the hands of the playwright – that’s why we provide a long list digital “badge” to all the long listed playwrights that they can use if they wish.

      We also can’t reveal anything until after 15th October when we reveal the shortlist as these scripts are still being judged and therefore we don’t want to compromise their anonymity in any way. If, after the announcement of the shortlist on 15th October, anyone wants to reveal their identity on the website, they can through the comments here.

      That way the power and choice lies with the playwright rather than us going and revealing everyone and taking it out of their hands.

      I should also say, at this point I don’t actually know the identity of the full longlist. Longlist scripts are now with another stage of readers, who will provide a full script report taking into the account of all of the readers so far. I’ll be in touch with the longlist with these reports, digital badges and invites to meet in early December. This sometimes takes a little bit of time, as playwrights will often also anonymise their email addresses, or use the emails of friends and family.

      Thank you!

      Chloe Smith
      Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator

      by Chloe Smith
      12:35 pm, 14 Sep 2019
  5. Hi,
    I’m applying for funding for a show based on another script of mine (I’m the writer of Chekhov Got His Gun, in the longlist) and the application requires me to supply 2 referees who can “comment on my literary work”. I know it’s a long shot but is there any way I could put someone from Bruntwood forwards as a referee based on the longlist nomination?

    by Oliver Giggins
    6:04 pm, 21 Oct 2019
    1. Yes of course! We’re always happy to do this. Will you email me on with what you need? We still have long listed scripts out with the very final stage of readers from script reports, but I can certainly write you something based on your long listing.


      Chloe Smith
      Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator

      by Chloe Smith
      6:06 pm, 21 Oct 2019