The Bruntwood Prize in Australia

Following their first UK productions we’ve seen many of the Bruntwood Prize winning plays go on to see international productions all over the world- from Canada, Germany, Sweden and Romania to Turkey, America, France and the Netherlands. This summer sees  a critical mass of Bruntwood Prize winning plays in Sydney Australia!

2013 Bruntwood Prize winner ‘Yen’, by Anna Jordan can be seen at the King’s Cross Theatre from September 2018.

Chris Urch’s Judges Award winner of 2013 ‘The Rolling Stone’ is on for one more week at Outhouse Theatre . The play has enjoyed a wonderful response from audiences and critics alike.

★★★★ “A Stunning Showcase For Its Cast” Time Out

★★★★ “ Very Gripping. Recommended Without Hesitation” Audrey Journal

★★★★ “Leaves Us Heart In Mouth” Sunday Telegraph

Kendall Feaver’s ‘The Almighty Sometimes’; winner of a 2015 Judges Award is also seeing it’s second production of this year after the Royal Exchange Wolrd Premiere in February. The Almighty Sometimes has opened to some fantastic reviews at the Griffin Theatre

★★★★  ‘This fine Griffin production of Kendall Feaver’s play taps its underlying anger and urgency and seldom lets you off its hook.”  Audrey Journal

★★★★ ‘ The good people at @griffintheatre have got a hit on their hands with this gripping drama about mental illness’ Time Out

★★★★1/2 “A brave, raw, unruly, frightening performance’ The Sydney Morning Herald

Published on:
3 Aug 2018


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