REPOST: Winsome Pinnock- archive workshop on writing from Intimacy to the Epic

During this public health emergency, the safety and wellbeing of our staff, artists, audiences and families comes first.

We are exploring ways in which we can all remain connected and optimistic. The Bruntwood Prize has always been about much more than the winners. It is about opening up playwriting to anyone and everyone, to support anyone interested in playwriting to explore the unique power of creative expression. Therefore we want to make this website a resource now for anyone and everyone to explore theatre and plays and playwriting. 

So we will be highlighting the many different resources archived on this website over the coming weeks.


In this workshop Winsome and the playwrights explore the idea of the “big” play.  Using discussion, playtexts and exercises you will experience how your work is enhanced when it moves between the domestic and the epic.  Starting with character we will examine how “ordinary” people react to and are affected by huge political events.

In this workshop Winsome will ask you to begin with a character who is different to yourself. Some questions to consider:

  • What is their age, gender, name,
  • What are their physical characteristics?
  • How do they make money?
  • Where are they at this very moment? What are they doing?
  • What do they need?
  • Do they have a secret?
  • Do they have a problem?
  • Do they have a memory?
  • What is something they believe?
  • What is something they wish for?


You may want to continue to work with the character created in this workshop- Winsome has shared some additional tasks


Winsome Pinnock 

Winsome Pinnock was born in Islington, North London. She is an award-winning playwright, academic and dramaturg. Her work has been produced on the British stage and internationally since 1985. She was the first black British female writer to have a play produced by the Royal National Theatre.

Winsome is Associate Professor in Drama at Kingston University and was Senior Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University. She has worked as a dramaturg with the Royal National Theatre’s New Views scheme as well as with the Royal Court’s International Department. The prizes awarded to her work include the George Devine Award, The Pearson Plays on Stage Award and the Unity Theatre Trust Award.


For more archived livestream workshops please see


24 Apr 2020


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