We will use this page to share provocations, tips, tutorials and advice all with the aim of helping you shape and develop your writing practice. Each resource approaches things from their writers own perspective – so take from each one what you like!

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REPOST Phil Porter – Make them Laugh

This workshop took place on 11 April 2017  In his capacity as 2017 Bruntwood Prize judge, writer Phil Porter talks about how to make an…

The Open Exchange- Royal Exchange Theatre opportunities

Here at the Royal Exchange Theatre we want to support artists within Greater Manchester to be creatively ambitious with their work and encourage the sharing…

REPOST- Rachel De-Lahay – Character, Journey & Dialogue

This workshop took place on 23 March, 6pm-8pm 2017  In her workshop, the award-winning writer will look at the function and purpose of character. How…

Repost- Chris Thorpe – Writing Collaboratively, Writing for Performance, Performing your Work

  This workshop took place in April 2017 Playwright and theatre maker Chris Thorpe will explore how to break the rules through non-naturalistic writing, collaborative writing…

Repost- Matthew Xia on Responsibility, Representation and Responding to the world around you

This workshop took place on 16 March 2017  Associate Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre and judge for the 2017 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting….

Repost- April De Angelis on Ambition, Scale, Honesty & Imagination

This workshop took place on 1 March, 6pm-8pm April is an acclaimed writer whose extensive theatre and radio work encompasses many different scales of production….

Anonymous, by anonymous

There’s an interesting two-part exchange under the last Bruntwood Readers’ Blog post, “The Feminist Gaze,” by Meg Vaughan. In it, below-the-line, “James Wang” asserts: “A…

The Feminist Gaze by Megan Vaughan

  This is the second time I’ve read for Bruntwood. In the two years since the 2015 competition I’ve been struck by images from those…