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We’ve hosted some brilliant free resources from leading writers and theatre professionals here over the years. But where to start?


On Tuesday 20 January back in 2015 the Bruntwood Prize hosted our own first live online workshop with award-winning playwright Bryony Lavery on the subject ‘GETTING STARTED AND CREATING THEATRICAL CHARACTERS’.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire, provoke, challenge and support playwrights to create new work to submit for the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting.

As well as helping to kick-start your writing and get you going on preparing your script, this workshop will also explore ideas to inspire you, questions to ask yourself when starting your play, and practical tips on developing your ideas, as well as exploring what makes a theatrical character and how to take your characters, and your audience, on a truly memorable and imaginative journey.

To make the most of this online workshop, please read the two workshop handouts first:

Workshop Handout 1 – An extract from Henry V by William Shakespeare and

Workshop Handout 2 – An extract from THE BACCHAE by Euripides.




What else? 

TOOLKIT SERIES 2- WEEK 2 Chinonyerem Odimba on Not Writing

TOOLKIT SERIES 3- Kendall Feaver on how to fall back in love with writing (an incomplete list)

TOOLKIT SERIES 3- ‘A cookbook for concentration by a self diagnosed procrastinator’ by Tabby Lamb


REPOST Charlene James – on going to the theatre

REPOST: Charlene James- on process



Still looking for ideas?

There’s a rich archive of writing resources here on this site to inspire and offer places to start. I recommend Eve Leigh’s Workshop for the Digital Body and all of Director Lyndsey Turners blogs  offer short insights and provocations to get you back to writing


REPOST- Bruntwood Prize Toolkit WEEK ONE- Getting Started

Published on:
17 Jun 2022


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