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We’ve hosted some brilliant free resources from leading writers and theatre professionals here over the years. Here’s a selected list on CHARACTER


On Tuesday 28 April 2015 The Bruntwood Prize hosted a livestream online workshop with Dawn Walton on DIALOGUE AND SUBTEXT.

This workshop with award-winning director Dawn Walton, Artistic Director of Eclipse Theatre Company, explores what it means to write for actors, to give space in your writing for the drama to emerge and to question how you might convey subtext, emotion and dramatic action through your dialogue.  Through a series of exercises and discussion, this workshop explores techniques to make the most of the skills an actor can bring to your work.


On  23 March, 6pm-8pm 2017 the Bruntwood Prize hosted a live online workshop with writer for film, theatre and TV Rachel De-Lahey.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire, provoke, challenge and support playwrights to create new work. As well as helping to kick-start your writing, the award-winning writer will look at the function and purpose of character. How are theatrical and dramatically active characters created? How do you write characters who change and go on a journey? Rachel will also explore writing dialogue that is dramatic, flows, and contains information in a way that isn’t expositional.


Winsome Pinnock 

In this workshop Winsome and the playwrights explore the idea of the “big” play.  Using discussion, playtexts and exercises you will experience how your work is enhanced when it moves between the domestic and the epic.  Starting with character we will examine how “ordinary” people react to and are affected by huge political events.

In this workshop Winsome will ask you to begin with a character who is different to yourself. Some questions to consider:

  • What is their age, gender, name,
  • What are their physical characteristics?
  • How do they make money?
  • Where are they at this very moment? What are they doing?
  • What do they need?
  • Do they have a secret?
  • Do they have a problem?
  • Do they have a memory?
  • What is something they believe?
  • What is something they wish for?



There’s also loads of tasks, guidance and inspiration to be found in the Bruntwood Prize Toolkits


TOOLKIT SERIES 3- Daniel York Loh ‘I have a character but are they dramatic and exciting for an actor?’

WEEK THREE – Getting Your Characters Talking, Interacting With Each Other, and Creating a Scene- Simon Longman

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17 Jun 2022


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